Consultancy Services

A. Ege Yıldırım seeks to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations and thus offers consultancy services, to achieve positive results in conservation and heritage management projects, and to create high quality editorial works disseminating knowledge in the field of cultural heritage.

Specialties: urban conservation, heritage planning/ management, World Heritage sites, stakeholder relations, operating in multi-cultural environments, editorial work (English/Turkish)

Conservation Planning & Heritage Management

Vision: Supporting the development of a well-rounded, multi-dimensional approach to urban conservation that considers the complexity of urban life and stakeholder interests, based on balancing conservation and development

Services offered: Strategic studies, plans and policy recommendations for the conservation of historic urban areas; preparation of and advice on management plans for World Heritage Sites and other cultural heritage sites

Editorial Work

Vision: Contributing to a culture of high editorial quality and accurate terminology, in particular for professional works on heritage, conservation and planning written in or translated to English in Turkey

Services offered: Translation (Turkish- English) and copy-editing in English for professional texts (books, articles, theses/ dissertations)

Selected Documents from Past Projects

(authored institutionally or by collaborating colleagues)
(with links to documents)

Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH)/ Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi)

The Cultural Sites of Al Ain’ UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS):

Liaisons with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Al Ain Oasis Cultural Quarter Master Plan

Public outreach events and research projects related to heritage conservation

Development of the Conservation Department

Pratt Institute

Social Environmental Sciences Doctoral Program, Ankara University

  • Algan, Nesrin & Ayşegül Mengi, ‘Turkey’s Sustainable Development Policies in the EU Accession Process’, in European Environmental Law Review, Volume 14, No.4, April 2005; Turkish translation and summary by Ege Yıldırım: Click to download the document

KA.BA Conservation and Architecture Ltd

General lists of projects

Kayakapı Cultural and Natural Environment Conservation and Revitalization Project (Kayakapı Project)

St. Nicholas Church- Myra/ Demre: Documentation, Conservation-Restoration Works of the Wall-Paintings

University of York- Leader of student pressure group supporting the York Alliance

Prof. Dr. Haluk Alatan/ International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISoCaRP)

  • Excerpts from the Proceedings of the Antalya Seminar on Coastal Management: Click to download the document

Selected Publications, Unpublished Articles and Presentations


  • ‘The Changing Role of Urban Heritage: Governance and Stakeholders’ Perceptions in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates’: Journal of the Faculty of Architecture- Middle East Technical University (METU-JFA), 2005/1 (32:1), pp. 121-145 (ISSN: 0258-5316), link
  • Biyoetik bir Miras: Geleneksel Yerleşim Biçimlerinde Biyoetik Değerler ’ (‘A Bioethical Heritage: Bioethical Values in Traditional Settlement Patterns) (with Nesrin Çobanoğlu), Ankyra: Journal of the Institute of Social Sciences at Ankara University, 2009, 1(1), pp. 97-126 (ISSN: 2148-3434), link

Books and Book Chapters:

  • Anadolu’dan Bir Tanık: Bengüboz Objektifinden Mudurnu’da Erken Cumhuriyet Dönemi/ Eyewitness from Anatolia: Mudurnu in the Early Republican Era through the Lens of Bengüboz (editor, co-author), VEKAM Publications, Ankara (ISBN: 978-9-759780-26-5)
  • ‘Management Issues in Diocletian’s Palace, Split’ and ‘Impressions From Mostar Old Town’ , in Peter Gouldsborough (ed.), University of York, Conservation Studies Alumni Association Study Tour to Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, April 2013, York, 2013 (ISBN: 978-0-946722-26-6), link
  • ‘A Tour of the Trastevere District of Rome’, in Peter Gouldsborough (ed.), University of York, Conservation Studies Alumni Association 40th Anniversary Tour to Florence, Siena, Assisi and Rome, April 2012, York, 2012, pp. 37-40, link
  • ‘Al Qattara and Al Jimi Oases in Al Ain: Sponsor’s Introduction’ (with Sami El-Masri), in Silvetti, J. & F. Correa (eds.), Invention/ Transformation: Strategies for the Qattara/ Jimi Oases in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage and Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Boston & Abu Dhabi, 2010, pp. 8-11  (ISBN: 978-1-934510-28-5)
  • Selçuklu KentiThe Seljuk City (translator from English of the original book by Gönül Tankut, translation edited by Çağatay Keskinok), Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture Publications, 2007, link
  • ‘An Evaluation of the Common Cultural Heritage Workshops’ (with B. Nilgün Öz), in Sefer Güvenç (ed.), Common Cultural Heritage , Foundation of Lausanne Treaty Emigrants, İstanbul, 2005, pp. 260-65  (ISBN: 97597405-1-3)
  • ‘Conservation Practice in Turkey: Through the Looking Glass of Intersector Relationships’, in Peter Burman (ed.), Celebrating Conservation: the 30th Anniversary of Conservation Studies at the University of York, 13-14 September, 2002’, Department of Archaeology, University of York, 2002, pp. 53-59 (ISBN: 0-904761-70-3)

Articles in Professional Journals and Papers presented in Conferences:

  • Mudurnu Kültürel Miras Alanı Yönetim Planı (Mudurnu Cultural Heritage Site Management Plan) (with Kemal Nalbant, Bahadır Aydın, Fatih Onur, Selime Güzelsarı Sarı, Sevgi Parlak, İrem Öz & Yonca Moralı), report prepared for Mudurnu Municipality and the East Marmara Development Agency (MARKA), September 2014, link
  • ‘A Cultural Heritage Management Plan for Mudurnu, Turkey: Forging Heritage-Led Sustainable Development Strategies’, Guest Post at People Not Stones, Blog of the Sustainable Preservation Initiative (SPI) (, 31 January 2014, link
  • ‘Master Planning for Heritage Conservation in Al Ain Oasis, UAE’ (with Dr. Sami El-Masri), 46th ISOCARP Congress 2010, Nairobi, Kenya, September 19-23, 2010, link
  • ‘New York ve Amerikan Kentlerinde Tarihi Çevre Koruma’ (‘Historic Preservation in New York and United States Cities’), Mimarist, Issue 32, Summer 2009, Istanbul, pp. 95-102  (ISSN: 1302-8219-32), link
  • ‘Demokratikleşen Koruma ve Planlama Üzerine Düşünceler’ (Some Thoughts on Democratizing Conservation and Planning), Journal of the Turkish Chamber of Architects – Ankara Branch– Special Issue on Conservation no. 14.1, June 2009, Ankara, pp. 69-72 (ISSN: 1309-0704), link
  • ‘New York Metropoliten Alanında Tarihi Çevre Koruma Stratejileri ve Bölgesel Dinamikler‘ (‘Historic Preservation Strategies and Regional Dynamics in the New York Metropolitan Area’), Yerel Kimlik, Bulletin of the Turkish Union of Historic Towns, Issue 12, October-December 2007, pp. 45-49 (ISSN: 1308-254X), link
  • ‘Kayakapı Projesi ve Ürgüp’te Kentsel Dönüşüm’ (‘The Kayakapı Project and Urban Regeneration in Ürgüp’) (with Cengiz Kabaoğlu), Journal of the Turkish Chamber of Architects – Ankara Branch, 2006/5-6), pp. 60-65 (ISSN: 1309-0704), link
  • ‘Kentsel Dönüşümün Temsiline İlişkin bir Önerme’ (‘A Proposition on the Representation of Urban Regeneration’) (with the students of the METU City and Regional Planning PhD program), Journal of the Turkish Chamber of Architects – Ankara Branch, 2006/5-6), pp. 45-47 (ISSN: 1309-0704), link
  • ‘Güncel bir Kent Sorunu: Kentsel Dönüşüm’ (‘A Current Urban Problem: Urban Regeneration’), Planning Journal of the Turkish Chamber of City Planners, Issue 35 (2006/1), pp. 7-24 (ISSN: 1300-7319), link
  • ‘St. Nicholas Church, Year [2000, 2001 and 2002] Wall Painting Documentation Works’ in ‘The Excavation of Demre-Myra Hagios Nicholaos Church in [2000, 2001 and 2002], and Documentation, Conservation-Restoration Works of the Wall-Paintings’ (S. Yıldız Ötüken), ‘Proceedings of the [23rd, 24th and 25th] International Excavation, Survey and Archaeometry Symposium, [28 May-1 June 2001, 27-31 May 2002, 26-31 May 2003], Ankara, Turkey’, Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ankara (with Arzu Nizamoğlu), [2000, 2001 and 2002], 23th ESAS link24th ESAS link
  • Tarihi Çevre Korumada Çalışan Sivil Toplum Kuruluşları üzerine bir Durum Değerlendirmesi’ (‘An Evaluation of Community Groups Working in Historic Conservation’), Mimarist Magazine, No. 2, Chamber of Architects, İstanbul Metropolitan Branch, İstanbul, 2001, pp. 49-54 (ISSN: 1302-8219), link

Fulbright Scholarship (Visiting Researcher), Pratt Institute (as part of doctoral studies):

  • Doctoral Dissertation Framework Statement, prepared for Dr. Laura Wolf-Powers, May 2007: Click to download the document
  • PLAN 653- Land Use and PR 621- Historic Preservation Studios: Cypress Hills, Brooklyn: Addressing Housing Development and Preservation Challenges (instructors Vicky Weiner, Laura Wolf-Powers & Andrew Altman, in collaboration with Cypress Hills Development Corporation), Spring 2007:
    • Cypress Hills History and Context Pack: Click to download the document
    • ‘Cypress Hills Neighborhood Study- Phase I: Physical Fabric’ (with Ana Baretto & Kokutona Kaijage): Click to download the presentation
    • ‘Stabilizing Cypress Hills: Strategies for Preservation and Managed Growth’ (with entire studio team): Final Presentation: Click to download the presentation
  • PLAN 640: Preservation, Planning and Real Estate Development (instructors: Vicki Weiner & Erica Avrami), Spring 2007
    • ‘Sunnyside Gardens:
Cases against local historic district designation’ (with Elizabeth Finkelstein): Click to download the presentation
    • ‘Government Intervention and Public Benefits of Historic Preservation’: Click to download the paper
    • Course Project – Part I:
Financial Incentives/Tools for Integrating Preservation Within (Re)Development: Revenue/Tax Allocation Districts (RAD/TAD): Click to download the paper and presentation
    • Course Project – Part II: Case History of
Revenue/ Tax Allocation Districts (RAD/ TAD): Fanwood, NJ: Click to download the presentation
  • Mid-term essay on the topics of the ‘historic district’ and ‘the evolution of the concept of significance’, prepared for PR 510: History and Theory of Preservation (instructor: Dr. Eric Allison), Fall 2006: Click to download the paper
  • PR 511- Documentation and Interpretation of the Built Environment (instructor: Vicki Weiner, in collaboration with Make the Road by Walking / Se Hace el Camino al Andar), Fall 2006:
    • Bushwick:
A Neighborhood History and the Preservation Issues (with entire course team): Click to download the paper and presentation
    • A History of the Former William Ulmer Brewery 81 Beaver Street, Bushwick: Click to download the paper
    • New York City Landmarks Commission Announcement on new landmark designations, including William Ulmer Brewery: Click to download the document

Social Environmental Sciences Doctoral Program, Ankara University:

  • Türki̇ye’de Çevre Harcamaları’ (‘Expenditures for the Environment in Turkey’), prepared for the Environmental Policies (instructor: Nesrin Algan), January 2008: Click to download the paper and presentation
  • Yeni̇ Yasal Düzenlemeler Işığında Türki̇ye’ni̇n Tari̇hi̇ ve Kültürel Mi̇ras Çevreleri̇ni̇n Yöneti̇mi̇’ (‘Management of Turkey’s Cultural and Historical Environment with regard to the New Legislative Reforms’), prepared for the Environmental Management course (instructor: Cevat Geray), January 2006: Click to download the paper
  • Tari̇hi̇ ve Kültürel Çevreni̇n Sosyal Yapılanma Süreçleri̇’ (‘Social Structuring Processes of the Historic and Cultural Environment’), prepared for the Environmental Sociology course (instructor: Erol Demir, June 2005: Click to download the paper

Visiting Student, Middle East Technical University (as part of doctoral studies):

  • Sosyo-Mekansal Süreçlere ilişkin Sentez Sunuşu’ (Synthesis Presentation regarding Socio-Spatial Processes) (with Deniz Altay, Ebru Sinan, Esin Özdemir & Mehmet Cenk Oğuzsoy),prepared for the course CRP 602- Space Concepts and Organization in the New Age (instructor: İlhan Tekeli): Click to download the document

Master of Arts in Conservation of Historic Buildings, Department of Archaeology, University of York:

  • ‘What is Your Understanding of the Relationship between the Practical Issues of Using Appropriate Materials in the Repair of Historic- Landmark Buildings and the Philosophical Issues of Authenticity?’, Spring 1999: Click to download the paper
  • ‘What are the Likely Ingredients of a Successful Policy for the Preservation and Use of the Built Heritage? with Special Reference to Pressure Groups’, December 1998: Click to download the paper
  • Abstract of the Seminar Presentation: ‘Public Participation in Birgi, an Old Town in Western Anatolia’, Fall 1998: Click to download the document

Middle East Technical University (METU) Research Fund (AFP no. 

  • ODTÜ Mimarlık Fakültesi AFP Çalışma Tutanağı’ (Summary of Research Project), Bibliography of Anatolian Seljukid Caravanserailles, Fall 1997: Click to download the document

Anakültür Foundation 

  • Kadınhan Projesi, Çumra, Konya: Plan Raporu’ (‘Kadınhan Project, Çumra, Konya: Plan Report) (with Bahadır Gültekin), Summer 1997: Click to download the document

Minor in Architectural Conservation, Middle East Technical University:

  • ARCH 497- Selected Topics in Conservation (instructor: Dr. Nimet Özgönül), Fall 1997:
    • ‘Heritage Conservation Practice in France’: Click to download the paper
    • ‘On the Management of Heritage Conservation- in Turkey and in Other Countries’ (with Burcu Çıngı): Click to download the paper
  • Korumanın Finansmanı Üzerine bir Seminer Yayınının İncelenmesi- Türkiye’ye Uyarlanabilir Örnekler- 1.-60. sayfalar’ (Overview of the Seminar Publication, ‘New Ways of Funding the Restoration of the Architectural Heritage, Council of Europe, Report on the Messina Colloquy 1988’, pages 1-60), prepared for the course ARCH 495- Legal & Administrative Aspects of Conservation (instructors: Gönül Tankut, Emre Madran), Spring 1996: Click to download the paper
  • Final exam question essay: ‘Discussion of Problems related to the Conservation of Traditional Residential Districts within the Framework of Planning’, prepared for the course ARCH 398- Seminar on Conservation (instructor: Gül Asatekin), Spring 1996: Click to download the document

Bachelor of City and Regional Planning, Middle East Technical University:

  • ‘World Heritage Sites: A Case Study of Heritage Management: Strasbourg- Grand Île, France’, prepared for the course ADM 391- Cultural Property & Heritage (instructor: Geoffrey Summers), Spring 1998: Click to download the paper
  • İzmit Urban Site Conservation and Revitalization Project, prepared for the senior year planning studio, Spring 1997: Click to download the document
  • ‘Explanations in Archaeology: Why did Things Change?’, prepared for the course ARME 531- General Archaeology (instructor: Numan Tuna), Spring 1997: Click to download the paper
  • ‘Camillo Sitte and Artistic Principles in City Planning’ (with Acun Tekin), prepared for the course CP 212- The City in History- Part 2 (instructor: Numan Tuna), Spring 1995: Click to download the paper

Österreichische Archaeologische Institut (ÖAI) (Austrian Archaeological Institute)- Ephesus Excavation

  • Efes’te Gezintiler: Efes Antik Kentinde Turistik Geziler Üzerinde bir Rapor’ (‘Wanderings in Ephesus: A Report on Touristic Visits to Ephesus Ancient Site’), August 1994: Click to download the document

Doctoral Dissertation: Urban Conservation Projects and Governance

Yıldırım, Ayşe Ege, Urban Conservation Projects and Governance: An Investigation toward Developing Applicable Organizational Models for Turkey’s Historic Towns through the Cases of Gaziantep, Kuşadası and Mudurnu,
Doctoral Thesis, Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. EmreMadran, 533p.

This dissertation explores the organizational framework of actors in the urban conservation process, based on recent legislative and social developments in Turkey.

Urban conservation projects for historic quarters in cities of varying urban dynamics and scale have been examined, focusing on the relationship between the organizational framework, the rate of success of projects, and the level of urban

Two hypotheses have been proposed:
1. For a successful project, the organizational framework must include the active participation of all four types of actors, i.e. statutory authorities, sponsors, users and experts, to fulfill the respective requirements of legal, financial, social and scientific credibility of projects.
2. The organizational frameworks of projects are influenced by the urban development pressures and the scale of the cities.

The research findings largely support Hypothesis 1, while Hypothesis 2 is supported only in some aspects.

In the examined projecs, an optimistic outlook and a firm resolution to continue current efforts can be observed. Some successful outcomes include the enhancement of the city’s identity, the transformation of the project area into an attractive destination, emergence of social and economic expectations from the local government and community, improving scientific standards and development of a local preservation culture. Some points of concern also emerge. For projects to maintain their productive momentum without compromising on scientific standards, an effective system of coordination and collaboration is required, based upon balance and coordination between the ‘Regulating’ role of the ‘Experts’ and ‘Users’ and the ‘Executive’ role of the ‘Investors’ and ‘Statutory Authorities’.

Please click here to download the Doctoral Dissertation

Current and Recent Projects: Mudurnu

Mudurnu Cultural Heritage Site Management Plan

The Mudurnu Cultural Heritage Site Management Plan began as a Fall 2013 research project at the Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (RCAC) of Koç University. Following the completion of the research fellowship, the project continued with the preparation of an official management plan being endorsed in January 2014 by Mudurnu Municipality and Mudurnu District Governorship. In March 2014, funding support was granted by the East Marmara Regional Development Agency (MARKA) and work was begun in March 2014 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the designation of the site management boundary, and the boundary was approved in May. The Management Plan was approved on 9 September 2014 by the Coordination and Regulation Council, which is the approving authority set up under the Mudurnu Site Management Directorate. The plan document can be accessed at the Mudurnu Site Management Directorate website:

News about Mudurnu’s inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List:

News and articles about the project:

News about  the Vision and Strategy Worksop of 29 April 2014:

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