Being so connected to one’s phone… How did we ever live without it? Pre-2000… Our cognitive maps changed completely. I swear, our brains, our brain structures have changed.

The Frequent Flyer

We are starting a new style here, of writing some ‘blog pieces’… Let’s see how it will go!

So how is life? ‘Çok şükür’… Thank God.. Gottseidank. We are alive. The climate is changing, Greta the Climate Action Kid is leading the world and we are following avidly.

Elveda, Olaylı 2013!

Geleneksel Yeni Yıl Mektubumun 2013 edisyonundan alıntılar (İngilizce metin)

In Memory of our Professor Emre Madran

Text (in Turkish) of my memorial speech for our dear colleague and professor, Emre Madran made at the ICOMOS Turkish National Committee General Assembly dated 14 December 2013.

The Race to Slowness

(With thanks to Özlem Özülker..) Engage in the oft-missing luxury of unhurried movement. Life is so fast, especially modern life. We get out of balance with the speed, intensity, complexity. Slowness is something we miss, at a deep level, something we crave. 1. Improve Lymph Flow Going at slow speed activates the pulsing lymph flow […]

Notes about handling the ‘culture of speed’

I recently read a book called The Culture of Speed by John Tomlinson. Here is my review of it on Goodreads: I made some notes out of it, because they resonate with the ‘down time’ that I have been going through since November 2012. ‘Downshifting‘: to change a highly paid but stressful job for one […]